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Complaints procedure

As an office we do everything in our power to be of proper and correct service. In spite of our efforts it is possible that a mistake is made or that you aren’t satisfied about our organisation for other reasons. If this is the case we invite you to inform us. We assume that your complaint is bona fide and expresses a valid concern. We will therefore take your complaint seriously. Furthermore, your complaint enables us to rectify any errors and improve our service where possible.

Many complaints are caused by misunderstandings, which can often be rectified in a good talk, which we have a preference for. In addition, this gives us a better idea of the nature of how this came about.

If the problem cannot be solved this way or if you don’t find a talk desirable, you can file a formal complaint. We aim to respond to your complaint within 10 working days. If this would take longer due to circumstances, you will receive a message about this and we will inform you about the further procedure.

Finally, we inform you that, in view of business regulations, complaints may be recorded and included in the evaluation of our quality system. We will of course treat the information with care and confidentiality.

The management of MIJN Accountantskantoor B.V.

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